An application with 14 distinct modules, operating as an EFB and ensuring that pilots have the right info and documents during flight.


Connected flights and big data require an adaptable, reactive and intuitive solution that focuses on the end-users, their needs and expectations.

AvioBook is an application with a suite of 14 modules that cover all stages of flight. Direct communication with the base and extensive integration with existing systems enable airlines to be more aware and reactive to developing situations.


They are trusting us

Customer testimony

Henri Lönn

Manager, Flight Ops Development & Support, Finnair

“The module that impresses me the most in the AvioBook suite is the Globe module. We have access to a lot of different information in a single view. It’s a visual module, easy to handle. I was particularly impressed by the Navlog feature which is visual instead of just a list. You can see it on the map and fill it in as your flight progresses.”

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