Bug Bounty & Pentest Service​


Bug Bounty & Pentest Service​

Yogosha is a crowdsourced cybersecurity platform enabling a win-win collaboration with the most talented hackers to detect and fix vulnerabilities on any critical system. ​


We are on a mission to empower CISOs and their teams to finally secure their critical applications while ensuring compliance and protecting business & customers. We are passionate about security and committed to helping build a safer world. ​

With Yogosha, you simply define your security challenges, your budget, your strategy (program, pentest, ad-hoc request, etc.). And within hours, receive highly detailed and validated reports about your assets’ security and potential vulnerabilities.


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Taoufik Fares​

PO RedTeam, Thales Digital Factory​

Bug Bounty's flexibility and fast activation help us to save a lot of time to secure our digital activities: programs are launched in 1 or 2 days when penetration testing can take up to 4 weeks of planning delay. At Thales Digital Factory, we chose quality and hackers skills rathe

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