Data Protection on Demand (DPoD)


Data Protection on Demand (DPoD)

Award-winning cloud-based platform providing Luna Cloud HSM, CipherTrust Key Management and Payment services through a simple online marketplace.


Organizations are seeking simple, agile solutions to run their business securely and to easily protect their data and the keys to that data.

DPoD cloud-based data protection services enable you to:

- Ensure you are in control of the keys to your data and compliant
- Manage your business securely across hybrid multi-cloud environments
- Ensure complete key ownership and control with keys stored in a proven, high-assurance FIPS 140-2 certified HSM root of trust
- Simplify the instantiation and management of the root of trust, PKI, BYOK and other services across multi-cloud, hybrid and on-premises deployments
- Provide Point to Point encryption (P2PE)

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Customer testimony

Eric Lassus

General Director, Treezor

The simple, ease of deployment and use that Data Protection on Demand provides aligns perfectly with Treezor’s vision to provide services simply, securely and cost-effectively across the entire payment chain, from traditional banks to the most innovative fintech companies.

Expert testimony

Garrett Becker

Senior Research Analyst, 451 Research, a part of S&P Global Market Intelligence

Ease of deployment and complexity has long been an adoption barrier for enterprises looking to deploy data security in the form of HSMs, encryption and key management, particularly for underserved markets such as SMBs, where crypto expertise is typically limited. Thales’ answer is with a marketplace approach similar to an App Store for data protection that consists of several individual use cases (which the vendor refers to as ‘tiles’). Users can simply click on a tile and deploy the application, with provisioning workflows represented by a popup wizard to help ease the deployment of each tile.

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