DiagFit by Amiral Technologies

Amiral Technologies

DiagFit by Amiral Technologies

DiagFit is a blind failure prediction software for IoT equipment. It enables domain experts to anticipate and plan their machine shutdowns without the need of historical failure data.


Amiral Technologies addresses 3 main challenges of the industry market (manufacturing, energy and transport sectors) with its DiagFit software:
- A unique software for a wide variety of industrial equipment and sensors
- A specialisation in complex industrial time series treatment
- A state-of-the-art prediction of failures based on healthy data

DiagFit is no-code: no need of Data Science skills
DiagFit is agnostic: for all type of equipment and sensors
DiagFit is accurate: detection of early signs of failures
DiagFit operates in blind mode: no need of historical failure data


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Éric Viton


“To support our customers in the most restrictive environments, predictive maintenance is a real criterion of differentiation. This solution will make it possible to optimize vehicle maintenance and TCO, but also can considerably reduce safety risks.''

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