EngiX Online Collaborative Portal


EngiX Online Collaborative Portal

Real time access via an online portal  to share and collaborate  in an interactive way with Extended Enterprise  stakeholders in order to enhance your Project Management.


The challenge introduced by data era and extended distant collaborations is to accelerate digital ways of working implementation with Customers, Suppliers and Partners (Extended Enterprise) to go from contracted documents exchange to collaborative data exchange.

With EngiX, it is possible to observe in real time the comprehensiveness of your Project: EngiX is an advanced portal which allows access and interaction for all stakeholders to Project, Engineering and Manufacturing & Testing documents and hopefully foreseen directly to source data (from document to data sharing), to enhance your Project Management.


Customer testimony

Customer Testimony

Project Manager, Institutional Customer

"Engix is the tool we have been dreaming of. An easy to use, interactive interface that meets our needs. If we go back a few years, when we still had paper documents on which we stuck post-its, it is the same simplicity that Engix offers us. With Engix, RIDS* are extremely easy to manage."

"Simplicity is so disconcerting, that you might think you have forgotten a step. It is always possible to reedit our actions. The interaction between us and our provider is incredibly simple and smooth."

(*) RID: Review Item Discrepancy e.g. formal comment on a document

Expert testimony

Expert Testimony

Configuration And Documentation Manager (CADM), TAS Belgium

"Collaborative tool, that's radical, rather simple to use and user-friendly".

"Engix brings together in a single interface several essential functionalities, such as the writing of MoMs* in all simplicity, with on the same object: the actions, the dashboard, the elements of an event or a review... Engix allows us to adapt the structure of the interface to our project, such as by adding WorkPackage."

"It is a good tool to work and share with our clients, while having a clear vision of a project. It offers a global follow-up on the progress of the project, while keeping control of the timeline and the queries."

(*) MoM : Minutes of Meeting can be defined as the written record of everything that's happened during a meeting

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