Gemalto IdCloud


Gemalto IdCloud

Combine identity proofing, strong customer authentication (SCA) and risk management to secure onboarding and access to your digital banking services. With one single cloud-based platform.


Financial institutions are facing many challenges such as optimising the customer experience, assess risk and minimise fraud and comply with regulations, while also reduce operating costs.

Gemalto IdCloud helps by offering a fully digital onboarding  process for new customers and adding risk based authentication (RBA) for a frictionless user experience when accessing digital banking services. You can get compliance with all relevant regulations, such as  PSD2, GDPR, CCPA, FFIEC, KYC and AML, with a one-stop shop solution for onboarding and access while at the same time lowering total cost of ownership with a cloud based platform.


Customer testimony

Christian Visti Larsen

CEO, NewBanking

“Partnering with Thales was the obvious choice for us. Their expertise in this field is unrivalled and we look forward to growing together”

NewBanking is a company founded in 2017 with the aim of providing a user identity platform that will allow users to easily control and administer their online identity, meanwhile making it easier and cheaper for businesses and financial institutions to perform the identity checks necessary in order to be fully compliant with the regulatory requirements issued by the authorities.

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