ID Verification Suite


ID Verification Suite

Automated solution based on A.I. to verify the user's identity. It helps onboard new users remotely, combat fraud and promote innovative services where privacy matters.


Thales comprehensive ID verification solution is built around consumer behavior, making your service smooth and trusted. It is 100% automated, driven by intelligent software with user privacy in mind, security by design, and absolutely dependability.
ID Verification is a vital component where verified identity is essential, such as remote digital services access, for public and private sectors: Digital Identity, Travel, Hospitality and Entertainement, Automotive, Online Retail.


Expert testimony

Alan Goode

CEO & Chief Analyst, Goode Intelligence

“Thales ID Verification suite addresses the urgent imperative to identify people in a trustful and ‘touchless’ way which offers service providers a smart solution to securely onboard users”

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