MOABI is the amazing service to benchmark and assess the cybersecurity posture of your suppliers. No need for source code, suppliers authorization nor complex settings : it just works ! Everywhere.


You'd like to start measuring cybersecurity ? Got tons of critical suppliers and don't know where to start ? Maybe you don't even have the source code for most software running in Production ?

No problem ! Thanks to MOABI, you may now assess the cyber security posture of any compiled software, without source code. No settings nor learning curve : just upload your software on MOABI and let the magic happen.


Customer testimony

Alexandre Schaff

Senior Security Specialist, Thales DIS

We use MOABI to continuously improve our Software Development Life Cycle and double check complex projects are flawless before going to Production. Very unique and useful product to have in your toolbox. The '0 configuration' is true, Moabi not only detects low hanging fruits, but goes deep in the binaries to pinpoint every potential for issue, then reports them with clear description, with helpers for resolution. Also, support team is very reactive.

Expert testimony

Emerson Gomes

Site Reliability Engineer, Thales DIS

MOABI helped us to gain a unique insight into how to improve the quality of our redistributables.
I was very impressed by the level of details and kinds of techniques it uses within its scans, which I have never remotely seen in any other tools.
Their support is extremely knowledgeable and was readily available to discuss deep technical details and quickly address all of our requests.

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