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An open-source, flexible, high-performance AI training framework offering multi-agent, multi-method, human-in-the-loop, distributed training for complex ecosystems.

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AiRISE - InFlow


A predictive tool that helps airport operator in reducing passengers queues optimizing the staff allocation as well

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DiagFit by Amiral Technologies

Amiral Technologies

DiagFit is a blind failure prediction software for IoT equipment. It enables domain experts to anticipate and plan their machine shutdowns without the need of historical failure data.

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DIVA - Distributed Intelligent Video Analytics


DIVA uses existing CCTV cameras – on platforms and trains – to measure crowd density. Passenger density is calculated in real time using video analytics based on artificial intelligence technology.

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Drone-based inspections


An innovative software embedded in a drone that enables the inspection of radio and visual aids in an airport in an efficient way​.

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