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SafeNet Trusted Access

Thales lets you grow securely in the cloud by securing and simplifying access to O365 and enterprise resources.


When workers, applications or data are outside the VPN, the VPN is no longer enough -- a different security architecture is required. Organizations require new products to protect against the risk of a data breach resulting from unauthorized access, maintain security while avoiding password fatigue, & create audit trails to avoid penalties due to non-compliance.

SafeNet Trusted Access is an identity and access management service that enables you to protect all employees/customers across operating systems, hybrid environments and clouds. With STA, you can apply policy-based access and multi-factor authentication (MFA) to each access point, and centrally manage secure access to enterprise IT, & web- and cloud-based applications independent of the Service Provider.


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Customer testimony

Mohammed Sayeed

Service Operations Manager, Canterbury District Health Board

"With the solution, we could address critical risks while enabling secure remote access. We now have more than 5,000 users enrolled in the solution, and people love it."

Expert testimony

Cesar Amar

Vice President of Technology, Fondo Nacional del Ahorro (FINA)

"[SafeNet Trusted Access] cloud-based authentication solution met our goals to operate with no infrastructure costs and be highly automated."

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