Security Automation and Orchestration by Mindflow


Security Automation and Orchestration by Mindflow

A no-code platform to allow security automation and orchestration by everyone. Empower Security Operations teams and give back control to CISO over information security management.


Security operations face many challenges such as lack of talents and recognition, unconnected tools, and threat increase. They are overworked and under continuous stress. CISO are facing a hard time finding solutions to manage them between these obstacles.

Mindflow empowers CISO and Security Operations by orchestrating tools and breaking the walls between teams to increase semantical awareness and real-time data-sharing.

Thanks to a no-code drag-and-drop platform and a friendly UI/UX design, it eases the automation of repetitive and time-intensive tasks, sometimes spread across multiple teams.

As such, it frees considerable amount of time for analysts to work on more complex tasks.


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