Large-scale connected data processing and analytics framework.

Set of technologies for tracking, map-matching, indexing, storing and analyses of multidimensional data from mobile IoT objects.


The moving objects data is Big. The business value hidden in the connected moving objects data is enormous. Mireo SpaceTime unveils that value at the speed of thought.

100.000 vehicles send about 10 billion GPS probes in a single year. Companies learn the hard way that the traditional SQL or NoSQL, or even modern cloud database solutions do not provide even a close enough solution for ingestion, storage, report creation, and analytics of the connected car data.

Mireo SpaceTime software framework offers all the necessary components to track, index, store and analyze both real-time and historical data from thousands or millions of connected moving objects, on commodity hardware, at a fraction of the price of aspiring mainstream solutions.


Customer testimony

Ante Gojsalic

Team Leader, AVL

AVL implemented an advanced set of algorithms for assessing various parameters of autonomous drives. With the help of Mireo SpaceTime solution, those ratings have been visualized and complex analyses have been performed on the collected data. Thanks to the new insights provided by SpaceTime's analytics engine, AVL has improved its algorithms and has gained a much better understanding of the autonomous vehicles' driving characteristics.

Expert testimony

Mario Bellotti

Business Development Manager IoT & Big Data, Vem Solutions/Viasat Group

Thanks to Mireo SpaceTime indexing and data extraction capabilities, getting useful insights from our telematics dataset was extremely simple, fast and easy. It opened up new ways of monetizing collected telematics data: by offering various tailor-made reports to outboard advertising agencies, large retailers, connected insurances, local authorities, Smart Cities and other interested entities.

Complementary information

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