TopSky - Flow Manager


TopSky - Flow Manager

Take the smartest decisions to solve traffic imbalance, by anticipating the most accurate traffic demand and weather information​.


In a challenging traffic environment, with high variability and complexity levels, the Flow Management Position (FMP) must anticipate the demand as soon as possible. Accurate and reliable information enables him to react to any traffic demand & capacity imbalances and thus avoid airspace saturation as much as possible.​ TopSky - Flow Manager helps FMP take the right decisions, from pre-tactical to post-operation phases.​


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Dominique Latge

Product Owner, Thales

Using cloud technology, TopSky - Flow allows using a large amount of data to help the Flow Manager in the decision making process and to bring proposed solutions. The Solution as a Service concept guarantees full monitoring of the solution, a quick and simple release update process and flexible use of services layers to adapt the cost to the real operational needs.

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