In this digital era, defence forces are facing a broad range of new and ever more complex threats: sophisticated cyberthreats that are increasingly hard to detect and counter, adversaries with a growing reliance on technology, and an upsurge in the criminal misuse of technology.

From predictive maintenance and on-demand digital training at base to situational awareness and decision-support on the battlefield, these solutions enable forces to gain a tactical advantage and to ensure successful mission completion.

Maintenance Coach


A mobile application giving access to knowledge and expertise at any time, anywhere, to improve maintenance effectiveness.

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An open-source, flexible, high-performance AI training framework offering multi-agent, multi-method, human-in-the-loop, distributed training for complex ecosystems.

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Citadel Team


Citadel Team is the trusted alternative to consumer instant messaging solutions for professionals

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DiagFit by Amiral Technologies

Amiral Technologies

DiagFit is a blind failure prediction software for IoT equipment. It enables domain experts to anticipate and plan their machine shutdowns without the need of historical failure data.

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