The new digital age has enabled threats to security – crime, industrial espionage, social unrest and terrorism – to become more and more sophisticated, and to develop lightning fast.

These dedicated tools provide companies and public authorities with the capacity not only to manage, but also to predict and anticipate the new security threats they face: identifying risks and fixing vulnerabilities, securing sensitive data, or verifying and authenticating identities and access.



An open-source, flexible, high-performance AI training framework offering multi-agent, multi-method, human-in-the-loop, distributed training for complex ecosystems.

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Citadel Team


Citadel Team is the trusted alternative to consumer instant messaging solutions for professionals

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DIVA - Distributed Intelligent Video Analytics


DIVA uses existing CCTV cameras – on platforms and trains – to measure crowd density. Passenger density is calculated in real time using video analytics based on artificial intelligence technology.

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Data Protection on Demand (DPoD)


Award-winning cloud-based platform providing Luna Cloud HSM, CipherTrust Key Management and Payment services through a simple online marketplace.

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