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Innovation is at the core of Mireo. Our vision is to simplify the way we live, work, and navigate our planet's roads. Here is a short brief of Mireo solutions:
• Genius Maps: We are proud developers of the award-winning GPS offline navigation mobile app. It covers more than 130 countries worldwide. There are no wrong turns with this app because, at every turn, there is a new possibility.
• Automotive GPS navigation: We develop embedded automotive GPS navigation software for the major OEMs and Tier1 suppliers.
• SpaceTime: We have redefined the limits of speed and capabilities in analyzing spatiotemporal data with our unique solution for massive GPS tracking and spatiotemporal data analysis.

Mireo is collaborating with car and truck OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers, global and local map data providers, Smart Cities. More than 20 million people have had a great experience with Mireo technologies so far.
Mireo’s keeps introducing cutting edge solutions in its products and technologies:
- the first single line search UI with double fuzzy search algorithm presented at CEBIT 2007
- “swipe to scroll” list scrolling on touch panels presented at CEBIT 2007 (before Apple)
- the quickest and the most precise routing (based on Contraction Hierarchies) introduced in 2009
- special indexing for large mobile IoT device datasets processing
Mireo’s R&D center is located in Zagreb, Croatia.

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