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Ercom, subsidiary of Thales group, is a French company recognized for its mobility security solutions.
For more than 30 years, Ercom has developed a leadership position in the markets of communications, data and devices security.
This position is based on complementary technological expertise in telecom/cloud infrastructure, cryptography and software and on shared values: innovation, expertise, commitment and privacy.
Thanks to its adaptability and its SaaS strategy, Ercom is able to meet the needs of both large companies and SMEs with certified security solutions in compliance with the highest functional requirements.
Ercom has deployed its solutions in France and abroad with major players who need scalable, reliable and highly secure tools :
- Ercom equiped the presidential airplane with a secure phone in 2002, providing the first highly secure mobile communication solution
- Cryptosmart (secure mobile communications and devices) is the first Restricted Distribution solution certified by ANSSI and ported on consumer devices to boost user adoption.

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